How to solve the DENSITY formula?

Solve density formula

We are going to start by clarifying what density is, since this is a magnitude that expresses the relationship between the mass and the volume of a substance or a solid object. The unit used in the International System is kilogram per cubic meter (kg/m³), although it is also expressed in g/cm³. It must be remembered that density is an intensive quantity. It is usually symbolized by the letter rho ρ of the Greek alphabet.

Below is the clear density formula for calculating mass and volume. To carry out the clearances, the unknowns are passed to the other side of the equality sign with the opposite operation to the one originally performed.

1. Mass: For this clearance, we are looking for the "m" to stand alone, so we will pass the "v" to the left side, as it is dividing its opposite operation is multiplication.

2. Volume: We take the previously cleared formula, we look for the "v" to remain alone, so we will pass the "d" to the right side, since it is multiplying, we will pass it by dividing the "m".

In this simple way, it is how the density formula is solved.

How to solve the density formula
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